How Is The Decentraland Chart

Decentraland is a virtual reality (VR) platform developed on the Ethereum blockchain. On this platform, users will be able to discover applications developed on virtual reality, interact with other users’ applications and earn money. Decentraland digital money stock market is the first virtual platform built as a blockchain, built as a blockchain and stand out from the crowd.

The interaction area in Decentraland is LAND. These are digital securities that are impossible to change in the game. When LAND is received, what is done with it is completely free. Application, game or even three-dimensional screen can be created. In addition, professional tools can be created in the tourism or education sectors with LAND. Although the number of LAND is limited, each area is 33 feet by 33. But there is no height limitation. With the process of Decentraland sell, three-dimensional objects drawn through applications such as SketchUp or Blender can be placed on the LAND.

Advantages Of Decentraland

The difference between Decentraland and the VR platforms used today is ownership. It is used by different users, not from a single company. In addition to being owned only by users, Decentraland cryptocurrency exchange has left the content of the lands entirely to the user control. Revenues of values ​​obtained from all other users are protected. With decentralized blockchain technology, it enhances the user experience and aims to create a virtual world to explore.

Decentraland is unique in the blockchain field as it does not have a direct competitor in this field. New applications that can be written on are tested in this system, from entertainment to the healthcare industry. Firms such as Aragon and imToken support the project.